The Winter Carnival in St. Paul: Embracing the Cold

The Origin and History of St. Paul Winter Carnival

The St. Paul Winter Carnival, an iconic Midwestern celebration, has a rich history that dates back to 1886. The brainchild of businessman James Babbit, the carnival was initially created in response to a derogatory article in a New York newspaper that mocked St. Paul for its frigid winter climate. Babbit turned this negative view on its head by embracing the cold and showcasing it as a reason to celebrate with outdoor fun and activities, proving that St. Paul could host even the coldest of events.

Since its establishment, the St. Paul Winter Carnival has grown and evolved substantially, with the city basking in the wintry spirit. Each year, the carnival features a different theme that serves as the focal point for the events and activities, making each year unique. Over the years, the festival has gained nationwide recognition, becoming synonymous with the city and attracting visitors from all over the world.

Throughout its history, the St. Paul Winter Carnival has served as a testament to the resilience and determination of the residents of St. Paul. Despite harsh weather conditions, the people of the city have come together each year to create a magical atmosphere and celebrate their love for winter. The event is a true reflection of the Midwestern spirit and has played a significant role in boosting local businesses and promoting tourism in the state.

The St. Paul Winter Carnival remains an important event for the city, offering a unique opportunity for residents and visitors alike to gather and celebrate the joys of winter. With its spectacular decorations, thrilling events, and a fantastic showcase of local art and cuisine, the carnival continues to captivate and enchant those who attend each year. The history of the St. Paul Winter Carnival is one filled with pride, tradition, and, most importantly, a shared love for the snow-covered landscapes that define the Midwestern winter.

As winter approaches and the snow begins to fall, the city of St. Paul prepares to welcome guests from far and wide to share in the festivities of the St. Paul Winter Carnival. With its origins deeply rooted in a desire to challenge the perceptions of cold weather as adversity, this remarkable celebration continues to thrive as a beloved Midwestern tradition. And, as they say, if you can’t beat the cold weather, you might as well embrace it and have fun in the process!

Highlighting the Reigning Theme: Winter Wonderland

The allure of the St. Paul Winter Carnival lies in its unique ability to immerse visitors into a mesmerizing world of winter enchantment. Since its inception, the festival has incessantly embraced the theme of a magnificent “Winter Wonderland” that transports guests into a captivating and unforgettable world of snow, ice, and beauty.

Creating a Magical Winter Ambiance

The aesthetic splendor of the Winter Carnival is achieved through a combination of ingenious decorations, elaborate lighting displays, and captivating ice and snow sculptures. The city comes alive as towering ice palaces adorned with twinkling lights and enchanting snowflake patterns stand proudly in the midst of delicate snow mazes and stunning snow art. In this breathtaking landscape, visitors walk amidst a fairy tale of wintry bliss that is as enchanting as it is unforgettable.

The Role of Art Installations

A significant element of the Winter Wonderland theme is the extensive array of art installations that adorn the festival grounds. From breathtaking ice sculptures to shimmering light displays, each piece of art plays a vital role in creating the magical atmosphere that the Winter Carnival is famed for. These installations not only serve to enhance the visual appeal of the festival but also provide a platform for local artists to showcase their talents and contribute to a cultural conversation.

Impact on Visitor Experience:

The theme of a Winter Wonderland is instrumental in shaping the unique appeal and allure of the St. Paul Winter Carnival. It offers visitors the opportunity to fully embrace the beauty of winter in a dazzling, immersive environment. As guests navigate through the festival’s enchanting landscape, they find themselves part of a fairy tale of wonder, encouraging interactions, shared experiences, and unforgettable memories.

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Emphasis on Inclusivity and Diversity

The Winter Wonderland theme includes a significant focus on inclusivity and diversity. The entire city is transformed into a magical landscape where visitors of all ages and interests can enjoy an enchanting, safe, and child-friendly festival atmosphere. The enchanting and mesmerizing world of the Winter Wonderland welcomes all, fostering a sense of togetherness, joy, and celebration in the midst of the cold winter months.

A Diverse Array of Events and Activities

The St. Paul Winter Carnival offers a wide range of exciting events and activities catering to both locals and tourists of all ages and interests. These events play a significant role in bringing the community together and showcasing the best of what the season has to offer. Some of the most notable events and activities at the carnival include:


  • King Boreas Grande Day Parade: This illuminated nighttime parade is one of the most popular events of the carnival, featuring illuminated floats, marching bands, and various winter-related characters
  • Snowflake Dance Chill: A family-friendly parade that takes place during the day, featuring snowflakes, ice crystals, and other winter-themed characters

Ice and Snow Sculptures

The Winter Carnival is renowned for its stunning ice and snow sculptures, crafted by professional artists and amateurs alike. These sculptures can be found throughout the various festival sites and are often accompanied by interactive features, such as ice replicas of famous landmarks or mazes cut into large blocks of snow.

Winter Sports and Games

  • Ice Skating: The carnival features numerous outdoor ice rinks, perfect for skating with friends and family under the winter sky
  • Fire & Ice Sprint: A thrilling snowshoeing and cross-country skiing race through the streets and parks of St. Paul

Live Music and Entertainment

With a packed lineup of both local and national acts, the St. Paul Winter Carnival offers a range of live music and entertainment to keep visitors engaged throughout the festival. From concerts to theater performances, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Art Installations and Exhibitions

As part of its ongoing commitment to showcasing local talent, the Winter Carnival features a variety of art installations and exhibitions throughout its festival sites. This includes large-scale ice carvings, as well as smaller works created by local artists, giving visitors a chance to discover new talents and appreciate the beauty of winter-inspired art.

Food and Drink

No festival would be complete without delicious food and drink options, and the St. Paul Winter Carnival is no exception. Local vendors serve up a variety of seasonal dishes, from warming winter soups and stews to sweet treats infused with traditional winter flavors. Visitors can also enjoy local craft beers and wines, perfect for enjoying while taking in the sights and sounds of the carnival.

Inclusivity and All-Ages Activities

The St. Paul Winter Carnival is committed to offering a variety of activities and events for all ages and interests. From family-friendly ice skating and snowshoeing to more daring snowmobile races and ice climbing, there is something for everyone to enjoy at this beloved winter event. By fostering a sense of community and inclusivity, the carnival ensures that visitors of all ages can fully embrace the magic of the season.

Embracing the Flavors of the Season

The St. Paul Winter Carnival is not only a celebration of winter festivities but also a culinary adventure that showcases the best flavors of the season. Festive food and drink options abound, offering attendees a taste of Minnesota’s unique heritage and culinary creativity.

Traditional Winter Favorites

Visitors to the carnival can enjoy a smorgasbord of delightful winter dishes, including traditional favorites like:

  1. Hot chocolate with a twist, infused with rich vanilla, melted marshmallows, or peppermint sticks to provide a warm, comforting experience
  2. Gourmet soups and stews, filled with hearty vegetables, meats, and spices that evoke the comfort of a home-cooked meal
  3. Savory and sweet varieties of s’mores, which can be roasted around fire pits to satisfy your sweet tooth while maintaining warmth

Local Cuisine and Vendors

Local vendors and chefs are the lifeblood of the Winter Carnival’s culinary offerings, providing unique and mouthwatering dishes that embody the spirit and flavors of the season. Some local favorites include:

  • Loon Café’s famous Wild Rice Soup, which combines locally sourced wild rice with tender chicken and vegetables in a rich, creamy broth
  • Russ Kendall’s Smokehouse Kahuna Brat, featuring a juicy smoked bratwurst wrapped in a sweet pineapple ring and topped with tangy barbeque sauce
  • The Iowa Pork Producers’ mouthwatering Deep Fried Cheese Curds, a Midwestern staple that offers a melty, cheesy explosion of flavor
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Diverse Food Options

To ensure there’s something for everyone, the Winter Carnival is home to a diverse array of food options. These include:

  • Vegetarian and vegan options, such as the Veggie Hotdish from local eatery Green Machine, made with locally sourced vegetables, lentils, and a creamy mushroom sauce
  • Ethnic cuisine, like the Caribbean Jerk Grilled Chicken from Jambo Kitchen, which offers a spicy, flavorful twist on traditional carnival fare
  • Sweet treats, such as Chocolat Celeste’s artisanal chocolates, which add a touch of elegance and decadence to the winter festivities
    The St. Paul Winter Carnival is not just a celebration of winter, but also a celebration of the vibrant culinary landscape that the city has to offer.

With an array of mouthwatering food and drink options tailored to suit every taste and preference, the festival offers a unique and unforgettable culinary experience that allows attendees to embrace the flavors of the season.

The Role of Local Artists and the Art Scene

The St. Paul Winter Carnival is a celebration that wouldn’t be complete without the immense contributions from local artists. Their creativity, talent, and passion bring the carnival to life and enhance the overall experience for visitors. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the involvement of local artists and the impact of the festival on the broader art scene.

Ice Carving Competitions

One of the most iconic and exciting events at the Winter Carnival is the ice-carving competition. Local artists compete in a battle of creativity, carving intricate designs and sculptures from blocks of ice. Visitors can marvel at the frozen masterpieces as they are created, while also participating in the judging process to determine their favorite pieces. The ice sculptures remain on display for the duration of the carnival, contributing to the magical winter wonderland atmosphere.

Large-scale Art Installations

In addition to ice sculptures, various large-scale art installations can be found throughout the Winter Carnival. These pieces often focus on the themes of winter, nature, and the beauty of the season. Many installations are interactive, allowing visitors to engage with the art in unique ways. The collaboration between local artists and the Winter Carnival organizers ensures that the event remains fresh and exciting each year, with new installations being unveiled to captivate the audience.

Supporting Local Artists

The St. Paul Winter Carnival plays an essential role in supporting local artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and create connections with the community. The event serves as an opportunity for artists to gain exposure and recognition. It also encourages visitors to appreciate and support local artists, whether by attending their exhibitions or purchasing their artwork. By supporting local artists, the Winter Carnival contributes to the vitality of the broader art scene and fosters a creative environment within the region.

Social Impact on the Art Scene

The St. Paul Winter Carnival has a significant impact on the local art scene, as it helps to boost the entire community’s appreciation for art and culture. The carnival brings people together under the shared goal of celebrating the magic and beauty of winter, and the role of local artists in achieving this feat is undeniable. This widespread support for the arts also creates lasting relationships between artists, event organizers, and local businesses. By promoting and investing in the local art scene, St. Paul’s Winter Carnival contributes to a thriving artistic community that benefits both artists and residents alike.

In conclusion, the involvement of local artists and the art scene is a vital aspect of the St. Paul Winter Carnival. Their creative contributions elevate the event from a simple winter celebration into a dazzling, immersive experience. By supporting local artists and promoting creativity and innovation, St. Paul is fostering a strong, vibrant, and healthy art scene that enriches the lives of its residents and visitors alike.

Community Engagement and Social Impact

The St. Paul Winter Carnival serves as an important event for fostering community engagement and unity among residents of the city. This annual celebration not only provides a platform for people to come together and enjoy the winter season but also has a positive social impact on the local community and economy.

Economic Benefits

The carnival attracts thousands of visitors, both locals and tourists, every year. This surge in attendance brings economic benefits to local businesses, supporting the growth and prosperity of the St. Paul community. Restaurants, cafes, and shops in the area experience increased foot traffic, boosting sales and contributing to the local economy.

For example, according to a study by Explore Minnesota, tourism-related spending in the state reached over $15.6 billion in 2019. Events like the St. Paul Winter Carnival play a significant role in contributing to these numbers, showcasing the power of community-driven initiatives in driving economic growth.

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Fostering a Sense of Unity

The St. Paul Winter Carnival offers a diverse array of events and activities that cater to people of all ages and interests. This inclusivity allows individuals from different backgrounds to come together and celebrate the winter season as a united community. By providing events and activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family, the carnival encourages families to explore the outdoors and engage with their community during the winter months.

As local resident and Winter Carnival attendee, Sarah Johnson, states, “The St. Paul Winter Carnival is a great way to bring people together. It offers something for everyone, and it’s always exciting to see the city come alive with the winter wonderland theme.”

Volunteers and Sponsors

The success of the event would not be possible without the tireless efforts of volunteers and the generous support of sponsors. These individuals and organizations give their time, resources, and expertise to ensure that the carnival runs smoothly and provides an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

According to the St. Paul Winter Carnival’s sponsorship page, their sponsors “are vital partners in making the Winter Carnival possible.” Through their involvement, sponsors help the carnival continue to grow and evolve, ensuring that future generations can enjoy this beloved winter tradition.

Additionally, volunteer efforts make a significant difference in ensuring the success of the carnival. From setting up decor to assisting visitors and participating in the events, the contributions of volunteers help create an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Preparing for and Safely Enjoying the St. Paul Winter Carnival

To truly embrace and enjoy the magic of the St. Paul Winter Carnival, it is essential to come prepared for its unique experiences while ensuring your safety. In this guide, we will provide some helpful tips and practical advice for attending the carnival along with information on accessibility, transportation, and parking.

Staying Warm and Safe

Dressing appropriately is the key to staying warm during the winter festivities. Layering is vital, as it allows you to easily adjust your clothing to different temperatures throughout the day. Here’s what you should consider when dressing for the St. Paul Winter Carnival:

  • Base Layers: Opt for moisture-wicking materials, such as wool or synthetic fabrics, to keep sweat away from your skin.
  • Mid Layers: Insulating materials like fleece or wool help retain body heat. Choose a jacket or sweater with a zippered front or buttons for easier layering adjustments.
  • Outer Shell: A waterproof and windproof jacket is essential for keeping you dry and cozy in snow or chilly conditions. Ensure it’s roomy enough to accommodate the layers underneath.
  • Accessories: Don’t forget your hat, gloves, and scarf to protect your extremities. Wear waterproof and insulated boots to keep your feet warm and dry.

If you do find yourself feeling too cold, take a break and head indoors to warm up in nearby shops or the warming houses provided at the event. It’s also crucial to stay hydrated despite the cold, as dry winter air can still lead to dehydration. Drink plenty of water and limit caffeine and alcohol consumption, as they can cause dehydration and impair your body’s ability to regulate its temperature.

Suggested Clothing and Gear

A few additional items to consider packing for your time at the St. Paul Winter Carnival include:

  • Sunglasses: To protect your eyes from glare and snow blindness.
  • Sunscreen: Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t get sunburned, especially on bright, snowy days.
  • Hand and feet warmers: Disposable warmers can be slipped into gloves or boots to provide extra heat on especially frigid days.
  • Emergency kit: It’s always wise to have a small emergency kit on hand with essentials like a first-aid kit, extra snacks and water, a flashlight, and a backup phone charger.

Parking, Transportation, and Accessibility

Arriving prepared with a transportation plan can help ensure a smooth and stress-free experience at the St. Paul Winter Carnival. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Parking: Parking can be limited during the carnival, so consider carpooling or using public transportation to reduce the number of vehicles. Check out the St. Paul Winter Carnival website for parking recommendations and updates on parking restrictions or closures due to weather conditions.
  • Public Transportation: Opting for public transportation can be a convenient and cost-effective way to get to and from the carnival. Use Twin Cities Metro Transit’s Trip Planner to plan your route and check the St. Paul Winter Carnival website for information on any special carnival shuttle services.
  • Accessibility: St. Paul Winter Carnival strives to be an inclusive event, with accessibility accommodations such as ADA-compliant parking and accessible viewing areas for some events.

By being prepared and prioritizing safety, you can fully immerse yourself in the spirit of the St. Paul Winter Carnival and create unforgettable memories.