How to Decorate the House for Christmas?

Texas lives in a fairy tale, especially when December comes and the atmosphere of Christmas takes over this state. In the most southern state of America, snow is a rare phenomenon, so it is especially important to brightly deck out the home. The owners of houses decorate their homes very brightly and modern. All over the house, all sorts of vases, figurines and bowls with balls in traditional Christmas red and green colors took their places. The ladder and windows are decorated with firry branches and wreaths, not forgetting the tradition with Christmas socks.Lights Decoration

Merry Christmas Festival in Texas

Citizens of state Texas annually take part in the festival of lights before the Chrismas. The festival is conducted to attract more guests and tourists in the state. Every family strives to decorate its houses. They spend too much money to buy all these lights and figures of Santa Claus and some other elements of Christmas. They annually spend a lot of money. Sometimes they deny participating in this festival because of the great expenses. The pool was conducted where residents of Texas found so much money. For example:

John O’Neil tells: “he shares his salary for several parts one of which is intended for Christmas decoration.”

Jimmy Chu tells the following story: “Once, I have no free money to decorate my house. My son was very disappointed because we cannot take part in the festival. I was trying to find the way out and was pleased to get speedy loans online. The funds were transferred the next business day and we start arranging our house for Christmas.”

Megan Daily says: “All her family strives to win the main prize at the festival. All the family members collect money for such an event. Our children also take part in funds collection. Finally, we have gained the necessary sum of money.”

Traditional Decor Elements


Wreaths can be different: large, meeting guests at the entrance door, to small ones – for windows and walls. You can either buy them or can do it by yourself.

Santa Claus

The main hero of the holiday, which everyone is waiting for – adults and children. A good-natured fat man with a beard in a red suit with a white border. He goes in a sleigh with deer and dwarf.

Facade Decoration

The atmosphere of the holiday should be observed not only inside, but also outside the house. Therefore, all houses are decorated with illumination. Again, popular Christmas movies show it very well. It is much easier to do this since most US citizens live in private houses, not in apartments. Although there are welcoming flashing lights in the evening and in the windows of apartments.

For outdoor lighting it is better to choose facade garlands: ordinary ones cannot withstand the frost. You can light up trees, pavilions, benches. For them, choose street lights of blue and pink tones or lamps, inside which are placed candles.

Christmas is an excellent occasion to “play” with decorations of all styles and at the same time give inspiration and a festive mood to your loved ones.