Light Festival with Texas Chemist

Texas Chemist, a well-known online pharmacy, took part in the Hidalgo’s Festival of Lights. This festival is devoted to the decoration of houses and offices for Christmas. Everything is ready for Christmas and New Year’s holidays in Texas. On the streets, there are kilometers of lights, colorful windows.

Texas and the whole country have changed. The streets and houses resemble a picturesque canvas – they were decorated with more than a hundred kilometers of lights. So a walk through the New Year’s capital of Texas can completely compensate for the lack of sun and become an excellent way to deal with winter blues.

The light festival literally immerses passers-by in the atmosphere of the holiday. Each street has acquired its own special character, according to the traditions of different countries of the world.Christmas Atmosphere in Texas

This street was designed and decorated by our colleagues – Texas Chemist. They brought new elements of design – the so-called raindrops, the effect of running circles on the water. As if we are walking under water, and it rains above us.

Until recently you could only dream of such a multicolor and a scale decorating of the city for the holidays. Ten years ago in Moscow, the capital of Texas was lit with lights, and the holiday mood in the surrounding territories was given only by shop windows. Now various streets and small towns are able to draw home-stayers for a walk and attract tourists.

Christmas is the most important national event in the USA, and not only for Christians. People decorate buildings with colored lights, hang decorations on a Christmas tree or exhibit various church scenes in the windows of houses, exchange gifts, go to churches and hold religious festivals, and Americans are famous for their inexhaustible ingenuity in these matters.